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Himachalphotogallery.in is basically based on the beautiful Western  Himalayan valley Himachal Pradesh of India. It  is a unique website exploring  the beauty of Himachal Pradesh  through Photo Gallery and also provides a  comprehensive information covering different aspects of this western part of  Himalayas regions. Himachal Pradesh : is a paradise for photographers and painters. It provides a  galore of such beautiful natural scenes worthy to be preserved in photographs  or produced in the canvas with the help of a brush. Always there is a feast to  the eyes available to the nature lovers, Where you can expect everything you  want: Adventure sports, Snow capped hills, wildlife, sanctuaries, heritage  spots, mountains, pilgrimage, fairs and festivals, and more. 
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Nature has blessed Himachal  Pradesh with unparallel beauty,  Nature has lavished all her  bounties on this land. It  enchants its natives as well as  visitors who come here from far and wide.  Himachal Pradesh is a typical example of a  place where one can find an exotic panorama  of scenic beauty, beautiful landscapes having  fresh water lakes brimming with water, gushing  rivers, snow capped mountains, wild flowers  and fruits laden trees, glaring and colorful  diversity of culture, arts, living style of people.  No doubt Himachal is a Tourists' Paradise    In simple words eternal snows, lush green  forests, rhythmic streems, sweet chirping birds,  picturesque lakes, verdant valleys, emeralds  meadows, smiling glaciers, roaring rivers and  gay girls.
The  people  of Himachal Pradesh are generally called  Himachalis. They are simple, straightforward,  hard working and honest. There closeness to  nature makes them elemental. They have  delicate and well formed features, good looking  and of fair complexion. They are honest and  generally have a great regard for truthfulness. 
People and Lifestyle
Himachal has a rich cultural  heritage, glimpse of which can  be seen during the various  fairs and festivals, customs,  traditions, folk music and  dance , dressing styles,  friendly locals, language and  cuisine.
Himachal Pradesh is known  as ‘Dev Bhoomi’ (the Abode  of Gods). Numerous temples  and religious places situated  here. There are several  Shikh Gurdwaras, Buddhist  Monasteries, Christian  Churches, Muslim Mosques  in Himachal Pradesh.  
Cities/Towns/Villages Adventure Sports
The humble natured, persevering  and hard working Himachali’s  residing in its cities, towns and  villages. 90% people lives in  villages and small towns. The one  characteristic common to all the  Cities, Towns and villages in  Himachal Pradesh is their  endearing charm. They are pristine,  beautiful, celestial, and very  appealing.
Himachal offers limitless  possibilities for the adventure  sports enthusiast. It’s varried  terrain-mountains’ valleys,  forests, rivers and rapids and  different climatic zones provide  an exciting fare.   There are hikes and trek  routes, skiing’ ice skating,  camping, water sports, golf,  fishing, the choice is unlimited  and opportunities, myriad. 
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